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Unique design, high quality and
natural fibres

Dekorando is a Finnish company of three ladies who has the passion for contemporary design with a visually interesting surface and form. The designs of Dekorando Living collection are cosy and relaxed, not to forget small details and playing with colour. Natural fibres are essential, high respect is given to products made by hand.

Dekorando Living collection is designed in Finland by the Dekorando Team. The products of its main brand, Feel Felt, are handmade by highly skilled artisans located in Nepal where the company employes mostly women, also socially marginalized single mothers and widows. It is important that the products are made strictly following the Fair Trade guidelines.

Dekorando operates through its retail network in Finland as well as globally. The main export countries are Japan, Switzerland, Germany and the USA. 

The story behind Dekorando

The story of Dekorando and its brand Feel Felt started from round, soft felted balls, with their interesting surface structure and the natural texture of wool.

… this was in 2007 and the story continues with our valuable customers …


 Anne Uramo  Elina Kunnas  Sari Kanerva